Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's been five summers since the Mason family vacationed at their lakeside cottage in Vermont. The summers that prize-winning author Sam, his wife Mena, and their twins, Finn and Franny spent at Lake Gormlaith were filled with chaotic fun. But since Franny's death, the entire Mason family has been struggling to stay afloat in their grief.

Sam believes that returning to the cottage at Lake Gormlaith is his last hope of saving Finn from his own path of self-destruction and salvaging what's left of his family.

Sam is struggling with writer's block, and he is also being plagued by letters from Dale Edwards, a crazed fan who is convinced that she is going to write his biography. She begins a cross-country trek to track Sam down once she finds out that Sam and his family are staying at Lake Gormlaith.

T. Greenwood is one of my favorite authors and she did not disappoint with Hungry Season. Even though Mena, Sam's wife, got on my nerves a few times throught the book, I thought the characters were extremely well-developed and realistic. Finn was my favorite character and I felt that Sam's writer's block was accurately described.

The storyline with Dale Edwards gave the book even more depth and kept it Hungry Season from being just another melodramatic family tale. If you've never read anything by T. Greenwood, pick up Hungry Season and Two Rivers.